About Us

What we do

Residential Letting & Management was founded over 17 years ago in Adelaide, South Australia, with the aim of providing a dedicated Property Management service. Our professional team is committed to helping you, the Landlord, in managing one of your most valuable assets. We dedicate time to understanding each property and the needs of each Landlord to deliver a personalised, professional Property Management service.

Our team is driven by the belief that every Landlord is entitled to a dedicated team whose sole focus is Property Management. By employing the latest systems and procedures, our highly trained team maximise the Landlord’s rental return and the investment property potential.

At Residential Letting, this is always our priority.

At Residential Letting we give our Landlords peace of mind through our experience, professionalism and knowledge. All of our Property Managers, plus staff members are registered as licensed Property Managers with Consumer and Business Services (CBS) and continue to receive ongoing training ensuring we are up-to-date with the latest standards in Property Management, in accordance with the strict code of ethics.

Whilst being independent allows us to have a singular focus, we also work with associated sales professionals on our Landlords behalf, to ensure their interests are paramount.

As your appointed Property Management Agent we form a personal relationship with each of our Landlords to gain a better understanding of their personal and property needs.