Spring Checklist
By Sarah Wolter

4/09/2020 5:26pm

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Clean the gutters
Cleaning the gutters and roof valleys to remove leaves and fallen foliage is so important before summer especially in areas that may be prone to bushfires.

Inspect the roof
Through the heavy winds and storms of winter there may have been branches come down on the roof that could have caused damage to roof tiles and now with the warmer, dryer weather it makes getting up to inspect this area so much safer!  

Service the air conditioner
Manufacturers recommend that Air Conditioning Equipment should be serviced and maintained regularly to protect warranty and to provide longevity to the product. Before the summer heat begins it may be timely to have a seasonal service carried out to the air conditioning equipment at your property. By having your Air Conditioning equipment serviced on a seasonal basis, this can assist the unit to perform better and may be more cost effective long-term in assisting to avoid the costly maintenance should the unit fail.

Give the garden a spring clean
Spring heralds the start of wonderful new growth to your garden, but also the time that can attract vermin and snakes, particularly in those areas of overgrowth.  Spring is the perfect time to clear out the undergrowth, prune trees and shrubs, clean off moss from paths and paving and get your property read for family gatherings and barbecues in the sunshine!

Outside Maintenance
The warmer weather makes undertaking all those little outside jobs you’ve been putting off much more appealing. This is the perfect time to repaint the roof gables, gutters, letterbox and fences to give your home that wonderful kerb side appeal.